In my Opinion: Cats vs Dogs

In the eternal debate of Cats vs Dogs, I have what you needed, what you desired. The opinion of some random asshole on the Internet.

orange tabby cat beside fawn short coated puppy
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Dogs are loyal creatures. They come to you when you call, they know you are their master and they respect you. They will love you even if you give them their bare minimum of stimulus. You take them for a walk twice a day, take them outside, and feed them, and that’s all you need to earn a dog’s love. However, they can have problems and be very high maintenence. My one dog is the perfect example of that.

I have a dog who’s a mutt of some type of Jack-Russel, Dachshund, mix of sorts, and my god I’ve never met a more neurotic creature. No amount of Prozac is curing this poor animal. She’s lovely one on one, however, the second you meet a new person, she’ll bark like there’s no tomorrow.

Every time there’s somebody new over who she hasn’t met before, I have to guide them to my couch and have them not move like they’re in Jurassic Park hiding from the T-Rex, and then she’ll come up and sniff them and eventually calm down enough (not before usually weeing herself from the anxiety) to stop barking and my guest can resume acting like a normal person not trying to be devoured by a giant reptile.

However, in spite of all of this, I still love her and she’s an amazing dog.

animal blur canine close up
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Now Cats. Cats are assholes.

However, as an asshole, I love cats. You can give them all the attention in the world and the most love you’ll get back from them is ranges from annoyance, to apathy, to mild interest.

You feed them and they show no appreciation, they sleep 18 hours a day, and they don’t give a shit if you’re sad and need somebody to cuddle, they’re going to do their own thing. They’ll wake you up at 4 am howling outside of your door because they decided, “Oh hey, time to eat!”.

On the plus side, cats are incredibly low maintenance, you’re tired and don’t feel like taking your animals, for a walk? No problem, cats shit in a box.

Also, when do want attention and want to be pet, they are so incredibly soft and loving, they’ll purr in appreciation because they will, on rare occasion, let you know that they’re appreciative, which makes these moments of closeness with your cats all the more special.

I had a cat who died about 2 years ago, for 14 years she spent every night sleeping with me in bed purring the whole while. Now, was this because she loved me, or was it because for whatever reason she loved to suck on shirts, I don’t know, but she still did it every night.

When she developed a tumor on her tongue and had to be put down, I was devestated, however I thought “I’ll move on, I’ve had pets pass away before”. However, as an insomniac I didn’t realize how much I cared about her and how much she helped me sleep.

grey and white short fur cat
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Now, my final opinion is that, in the eternal Debate of Cats vs. Dogs I would have to pick Cats.

I’m an asshole, and so are my cats, therefore we go perfectly together. And Frankly, as much as I love how much my dogs love me, I don’t have that level of devotion to them and I feel guilty for not reciprocating that unadulterated love for them back. I need an animal that doesn’t constantly care for me in the way I can’t always think about them back.

And for those reasons, I chose Cats.

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